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23. Januar 2020
Migration ist ein zentrales Thema des 21. Jahrhunderts. Viele Ansätze Fluchtursachen wirksam zu bekämpfen scheitern. Es ist daher an der Zeit für neue Ansätze und Ideen. Eine ist die Idee des Wertekapitalismus bzw. der Wertemarktwirtschaft.
29. November 2019
The creation of a new human being - shaped by the stimulus society and behavioral capitalism - in the age of collective individualism. The confrontation of the population with artificially generated stimuli has increased massively in recent decades. Technological development now makes it possible to stimulate all areas of personal life The population became accustomed to fast and short stimuli These are not only passively consumed, but also actively demanded and shaped. The modern stimulus [..]

11. Oktober 2019
Behavioural Capitalism and Surveillance Capitalism - A Comparison of Two Interpretations of a Development of Capitalism Behavioural Capitalism regards the absorption and use of behavioural data as a logical capitalist further development in historical continuity and thus as an inevitable development. Surveillance Capitalism distinguishes between behaviour that is needed to optimise existing services and data that is not needed for them [..]
11. Oktober 2019
Behavioral Capitalism - Human behavior is a usable raw material and has developed into a production factor due to technological progress. - This production factor has led to new business models that now have a massive impact on economic, political and social life. - It is therefore necessary to speak of a new variation of capitalism: Behavioral Capitalism. - This new form of capitalism is not yet understood as such, which entails the danger that it creates power and market relation